Research Experience

2014 - Present

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Virginia Military Institute

I am involved in, among other activities, teaching, scholarly engagement, professional citizenship, and cadet development

2012 - 2014

Software Programmer and Research Support

Utah Water Research Laboratory, Utah State University  

I was a Software Programmer and Research Support staff working on the AggieAir Flying Circus project at the Utah Water Research Laboratory, Utah State UniversityI, with another member of a team, was involved in re-writing and maintaining the Ground Control Station (GCS) software for generating flight plans for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), for the AggieAir Flying Circus project at the Utah Water Research Laboratory.
Achievement: Until now, the UAV pilots and other non-technical users of the GCS software will have to know XML to be able to specify and generate UAVs' flight plans, which thus leads to a lot of time being wasted. The new system is already saving more than 90% of the time in flight plans generation, as users simply need to graphically specify waypoints, survey areas, and flight lines, for UAVs on a WorldWind globe via the use of a computer monitor and mouse.
 2009 - 2013

Graduate Research Assistant

Multiagent Systems Research Group, Department of Computer Science, Utah State University 

I conducted research on the investigation of methods of decision-making in complex systems of multiple self-interested entities, called, agents. My research work centers on developing ad­vanced techniques, algorithms, and investigation of the computational and combinatorial aspects of cooperative game theory, including, coalition formation, computational social choice, and multiagent resource allocation. I employed rigorous mathematical proofs, with ideas from combinatorics, complexity theory, algorithmic game theory, and probability the­ory. I also conducted careful experimental investigations to verify the usefulness of the theoretical results in practice. I wrote several programs, designed, and ran experiments to support these research efforts.

2008 - 2009

Graduate Research Assistant

Computational Geometry & Bioinformatics Algorithms Laboratory, Dept.of Computer Science, Utah State University

I conducted research in theoretical computer science. Specifically, I was involved in the design and analysis of efficient exact and approximation algorithms for bioinformatics and computational biology problems involving RNA secondary structures prediction with pseudoknots.

 Software Development Experience

2006 - 2008

Head of Technology/Principal Manager

Identification Solutions Limited (now, IQ Systems Solutions), Lagos

Led a team involved in the development and maintenance of a cheque issuer confirmation system, SecureCheque. The system eliminates the inherent problems in the manual cheque processing by applying standard biometric and bar code technology to the issuer identity and cheque detail verification process. I also supported the Secure Time and Attendance application of the firm as requested by users/ customers.
 2004 - 2006

Senior Software Engineer

Identification Solutions Limited (now, IQ Systems Solutions), Lagos

I was a member of a team involved in the design, implementation, and support of the Lagos State Government's Lands Bureau e-registry using Livelink ECM from Open Text Corpora­tion. I was also a member of a team that developed a biometric time and attendance appli­cation used to track attendance details of employees using fingerprints.

Achievement: I wrote more than half of the stored procedures for the projects in MS SQL and later converted the scripts to PL/SQL; jointly wrote and continously updated the functional, design, and program specifications/ documentations for stored procedures with another team member; and successfully led the deployment of the applications at ten clients' sites and resolved post implementation issues, including bug fixes, trainings, and specialized customization requests. 
 2003 - 2004

Software Engineer

Computer Systems Associates (CSA) (now, Neptune Technology Center), Lagos

I was a member of a team involved in the maintenance of the retail core module of a banking application (Equinox Banking System).

Achievement: Traced and fixed bugs reported by clients and successfully implemented many of the customization requests for the retail core module of the application to meet banks specifications by writing stored procedures, designing, and coding of front ends to achieve the customizations.


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